GreekTown Wrestling “HammerTime” 3/17/23 Results


GreekTown Wrestling results from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 @ the Germania Club on Friday, March 17, 2023 live on FITE:

Salsa King pinned Nathan Dukes in a pre-show match.

The Nacci Mafia defeated Wade Allen and Zach Williams in a pre-show match. 

Vince Valor came out to issue an Open Challenge. The feed cut out so we didn’t get to see what happened.

Sheldon Jean pinned Rip Impact after the Snowpiercer. 

Nikita pinned Nova after the double underhook face buster finisher.

AIW Intense Division Champion Derek Dillinger won a 4-Way Match over PUF, Bryce Hansen, and Seleziya Sparks by pinning Sparks after a knockout blow with the title belt as Sparks had Hansen covered for a pin attempt. 

Ganon Jones Jr. and Duke Davis defeated Jody Threat and Bill Collier when Davis pinned Threat after a double team finisher. 

Jock Samson pinned Tyler Tirva after the 740 elbow drop. Tirva shoved the referee down again just like last night in London, Ontario. The referee decided to once again give him a stunner instead of Disqualifying him. Samson had a beer in the ring with the referee after the match. If Samson would have lost the match he would have had to retire. He faces Ganon Jones Jr. and Duke Davis in a 2-on-1 match tomorrow night in Toronto. His career is on the line again. That show will also be on FITE.


Space Monkey pinned Wes Barkley after the tail whip.

Trent Gibson (with Sonny Kiss) pinned Mo Jabari after a choke slam after Kiss interfered when the referee was distracted. 

GreekTown Champion Channing Decker pinned Rickey Shane Page in a Hardcore Match after giving him a Sabu style Arabian Face Buster on a table covered in thumbtacks but the table didn’t break. Decker will defend against Homicide tomorrow night in Toronto. Decker tried to break the table to close the show but it still didn’t break. RSP broke finally with a Swanton Bomb.