GreekTown Wrestling “Steel Cage Matches In London” 3/16/23 Results


GreekTown Wrestling “Steel Cage Matches In London” results from London, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 @ Marconi Club Of  London on Thursday, March 16, 2023 live on FITE:

The Nacci Mafia defeated Isaiah Cross and Nathan Dukes in a pre-show match. 

Wes Barkley pinned The Moral Compass in a pre-show match. 

Sheldon Jean pinned Bryce Hansen after the Snowpiercer. Jean is a new signee to Impact Wrestling. He has appeared in Scott D'Amore's Border City Wrestling and Detroit's XICW. He competed in NOAH late last decade. 

ICW World Champion Leyton Buzzard pinned Mo Jabari after the Buzzkill and a 450 splash. Scotland's ICW promotion allowed this to be a title match. They shook hands after the match.

Zach Nystrom pinned PUF after a low blow kick followed up by the referee when they were struggling in the ring corner trying not to accidentally bump the referee. 

Joe Coleman pinned Tyler Tirva after a stunner. Before the match, Coleman said it's 3:16 which is a pro wrestling holiday. He offered for Tirva to have a protein shake and a toast to celebrate before the match. Tirva said he knows what Coleman was trying to do because he's seen it a million times. He said Coleman would try to stun him after they made the toast. Coleman assured him that he just wanted to have a celebration toast with him. Tirva pretended to drink the shake and then tried to attack Coleman but Coleman ducked out of the way. Tirva shoved the referee down at the end of the match as he refused to listen to the referee's instructions and kept attacking Coleman in the ring corner. The referee decided to give Tirva a stunner instead of Disqualifying him and then he toasted Coleman with a protein shake. 

Intermission to set up the steel cage for the next three matches. Pins, submissions, or escaping the cage are the rules to win for the first two cage matches. War Games Rules for the main event.

Nikita pinned Miley after slamming the cage door on Miley's head when she tried to escape and then ramming her into a side of the cage and following up with a double underhook face buster. The impact of slamming the door on Miley's head actually bent the door. 

Space Money defeated Derek Dillinger by climbing out of the cage. 

Jock Samson, Jody Threat, Bill Collier and Channing Decker vs. The League (Duke Davis, Ganon Jones, Jr. Sonny Kiss, and Trent Gibson) in the main event. The League won the coin flip as the heel team. If Samson loses, he says he will retire. Two start off for five minutes and then a member of the winning coin flip enters. The others on each team alternate entering every two minutes. 

Jones Jr. vs. Collier started it off. Trent Gibson was out next for The League. Jock Samson came out to even it up for the baby faces. Unlike most War Games Matches, the team members were not standing around cageside waiting to enter. They came out one at a time when the two minutes expired. Sonny Kiss entered the match next. Jody Threat ran out and took down all of the heels to give her team the big momentum. Duke Davis brought in a chain to the match. GreekTown Wrestling Champion Channing Decker was the last person out. Zach Nystrom attacked Decker before he could enter the cage so the match could not officially begin. Davis locked the cage door with the chain. Samson bled. Decker finally fought Nystrom off and entered the cage climbing into it by giving a flying crossbody to all of the heels. Decker submitted Jones Jr. to a sharpshooter and Samson submitted Gibson to a choke at the same time to win the match. 

They will have a show tomorrow night from Hamilton and one on Saturday night from Toronto. Both events will air at 7:30pm Eastern on FITE.