Chicago Style Wrestling "Ode To Valor" 5/19/23 Results


Chicago Style Wrestling "Ode To Valor" from Franklin Park, Illinois, USA 🇺🇸 @ the American Legion on Friday, May 19, 2023 live on IWTV:

Marshe Rockett won a 3-Way Match over Joey "Jet" Avalon and Hades XIX by pinning Avalon. This was a #1 contender match for the CSW Title.

CSW GM Steve Arhendt came out to the ring. He said TJ Steel and Eric Schultz sued him and they won. Before he could finish, Steel and Schultz came out to brag about the lawsuit victory and wanting to take control of the company. Arhendt told them that he has been GM for three and a half years and they will have no idea what it takes because they are jokes. They sprayed champagne at him then left the ring laughing at him. 

CSW Women's Champion Sierra (with Joey "Jet" Avalon) pinned Shazza McKenzie after a backpack stunner. Avalon got involved and tried to hit McKenzie with the title belt but he almost hit Sierra instead. Sierra yelled at him and then slapped him in the face. He grabbed Sierra and was going to attack her but McKenzie made the save and jumped on his back. Sierra then grabbed McKenzie off of him. There was tension between Avalon and Sierra after the match and they walked to the locker room separately.

Jay Marston, Shain Boucher, and Solomon Tupu defeated Cody James, Sean Mulligan, and Marco Anthony when Tupu pinned Mulligan. Marston and Boucher handcuffed James to one of the guardrails before the finish. The heels beat down Mulligan and Anthony after the match. Greg Murray tried to make the save but he got beat down too. James grabbed the guardrail and brought it into the ring to use as a weapon but it didn't last long. Boucher gave him a couple of low blows from behind and then curb stomped him right on the guardrail.

Cypher pinned Heather Reckless after a big choke slam. Hades XIX ran in and tried to attack Cypher but Cypher caught him and gave him a Black Hole Slam.

Iniestra pinned CSW Metra Division Champion Steve Boz to win the title after major interference and a Frog Splash. Team S.E.X.Y., Eric Schultz, and TJ Steel interfered. The referee was accidentally bumped in the ring corner. Boz was able to fight everyone off but Steel who hit him in the head with a briefcase. After the match, Steve Arhendt confronted Steel. Steel said he would make a deal with him: he wants a match against Boz. If he beats Boz, he gets control of CSW and the GM job. If Boz wins, he will forget the lawsuit against Arhendt. Arhendt said there will be one simple extra stipulation with him as the special guest referee. Steel reluctantly agreed to it. 

Hammerstone pinned Vic Capri after the Nightmare Pendulum. Capri was hurt on the finish and favoring his knee. He had to be helped to the back and he was limping badly. 

CSW Tag Team Champions Jack Moody and Mateo Valentine defeated Team S.E.X.Y. (Jax Johnson and Ryan Matthews) when Moody pinned Matthews after a double team finisher. Johnson distracted the referee before the finish to allow Matthews to try to hit Moody with one of the tag titles belts. Joey Mayberry and Jillian ran out and stopped Matthews.

Shelly "Bombshell" Benson won a Scramble Match over Doom Montgomery, Mario Pardua, Eric Schultz Chris Miller, and Adam Stallion by pinning Schultz after a Doomsday Device with Pardua. The announcers said this was Benson's one year anniversary in pro wrestling. We try to cover all of the CSW shows if we can and we know that she is one of the most popular people on the CSW roster.

 Conan Lycan defeated CSW Champion Axel Rico in a TLC Match to win the title with lots of help from Solomon Tupu, Shain Boucher, and Jay Marston. Adam Stallion and Cody James ran out during the match to try to help Rico but the heels overwhelmed everyone.

The next show is in July but we didn't hear an exact date.