Future Stars Of Wrestling "Legends Rise" 5/25/23 Results: Future Legends Title Tournament Action

Future Stars Of Wrestling "Legends Rise" results from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 🇺🇸 @ FSW Arena on Thursday, May 25, 2023 live on FITE:

Tonight's show features a tournament of competitors age 25 and under. The winner of the 4-Way Elimination Finals will be The Future Legends Champion.

Richard King pinned Hunter James after his Willow's Whale finisher in a 1st Round Match.

Matt Vandagriff pinned Eli Knight (with MJ Holiday) after a Spanish Fly followed by his Antidote running knee strike finisher in a 1st Round Tournament Match.

Jarrett Diaz pinned Robert Martyr after a rolling cutter finisher in a 1st Round Match. 

Billie Starkz won a 3-Way Match in the 1st Round of the Tournament over Starboy Charlie and Bodhi Young Prodigy by pinning Charlie after Tombstoning him on BYP.

Jack Cartwheel pinned Richard King after a shooting star press in a 2nd Round Tournament Match. The announcers said Cartwheel was a "late entrant" into the tournament. They said the 1st Round winners will never know who they may face in the next round so we assume some people received byes. 

Matt Vandagriff pinned Alec Price after the Antidote in a 2nd Round Tournament Match.

Jordan Oliver pinned Jarrett Diaz after a sit-out powerbomb in a 2nd Round Tournament Match. 

Titus Alexander pinned Billie Starkz after a driver in a 2nd Round Tournament Match. She did manage to give him a Tombstone in the match.

Ricky Tenacious, Jordan Oasis, and Devin Reno defeated Blair Broady, Dante King, and Davion Jacot when Oasis pinned Jacot after a clubbing blow to the back of the head. 

Jack Cartwheel vs. Titus Alexander vs. Matt Vandagriff vs. Jordan Oliver in the 4-Way Elimination Tournament Finals is next.

Cartwheel pinned Alexander after the Jack Arrow twisted splash off the ropes. Oliver pinned Cartwheel with the sit-out powerbomb. Vandagriff pinned Oliver after the Antidote to win the Tournament and become the first FSW Future Legends Champion.

They have a whole weekend of shows coming up on FITE. Saturday Night at 10pm Eastern it's "FSW vs. GCW 2". Late Saturday/early Sunday at 1:30 am Eastern "Filthy" Tom Lawlor's "Natural Born Killers 4". Sunday at 3 pm Eastern "Go For Broke". June 18 is the 14th Anniversary Show.