New Edge Pro Wrestling (Michigan) "Pride and Glory" 5/19/23 Results


New Edge Pro Wrestling "Pride and Glory" results from Taylor, Michigan, USA 🇺🇸 @ Taylor Town Trade Center on Friday, May 19, 2023:

Total Kaos Wrestling recently announced that there has been a management change and they have rebranded to this new name of New Edge Pro Wrestling. All of the current champions still remain the same in the name changeover. 

A'Jhaun Gains pinned The Rocket with an inside slam. 

Billy Ray Daniels and Eddie Dylan defeated Nikki Ratu and Cesar Asher by pinning both opponents at the same time. 

Paragon pinned Jon Von Tavious after a Uranage. 

Alex Van Zant did a Coffee Talk show segment in the ring with Rae Larson as his guest. She has been out with injuries. She said she has been bullied by Keith Creme in the locker room. AVZ started to talk trash about Creme. He asked Larson when she would be ready to be back in action and suggested she takes on Creme when she is medically cleared. Before she could answer him, Keith Creme came out to confront them. It ended up setting up a match between Creme and Xander Bennett. AVZ left the ring but Larson remained at ringside in the corner of Bennett.

Keith Creme defeated Xander Bennett by submission with a modified Camel Clutch. Creme refused to break the hold after the match and Larson jumped in the ring to make the save and ran him out of the ring.

Sean Tyler, Tom Bailey, and J Fields defeated Great Tiger, Gazelle, and Aaron Ashura when Tyler pinned Gazelle after an Air Raid Crash.

DBA pinned Trevor Straud after a diving elbow drop with his elbow pad set on fire. 

Kenny Steele (with Iron Ike Watts) pinned Tony Garrix after Watts got on the ring to cause a distraction. Garrix fought them both off for a little while after the match but then Studio 86 ran in and attacked him from behind. 

Sons of Saginaw (Ace Evans and Nick Green) defeated Studio 86 (Maserati Rick and Bill Martel) when Green pinned Rick after Rick accidentally collided into Martel on the ring. Studio 86 immediately attacked the winners after the match and Kenny Steele and Ike Watts ran out to join them in the attack. Tony Garrix ran out with a chain to make the save.

Heather Blue pinned Rory Shield with an inside cradle and illegally holding the tights.

New Edge Pro Heavyweight Champion TJ Meyer pinned Effy after a discus lariat.