River City Wrestling "In Our House" 5/21/23 Results: Title Change!

River City Wrestling "In Our House" results from San Antonio, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 @ The Grand Event Center on Sunday, May 21, 2023 live on Title Match Network: 

New RCW Champion Kaun came out to the ring to open the show and he was immediately interrupted by Chase Owens. Owens said he challenged Kaun for a title shot but Kaun still not accepted. He said he is New Japan/IWGP and Kaun is ROH. He told him to be a man and accept the challenge. Kaun accepted and then Owens gave him a low blow and the package piledriver. Owens walked out of the ring with the title belt over his shoulder. If Kaun is healthy enough to compete, this will be the main event. 

Don Juan and Diego Renay (with J-Wave) defeated JP Harlow and Joey Hyder when Diego pinned Harlow after a Frog Splash set up by Juan's cutter. J-Wave used his cane to his Harlow while the referee was distracted to set up the finish. Harlow and Hyder were part of the security team on AEW programming last week in Austin. 

July 2 is the next show. 

Beau Amir, Lou Gotti, and Alejandra Lion (with Nastico) defeated The Crimson Crusaders and Arik Walker when Lion pinned Walker after her neck breaker into a code breaker finisher. 

Izzy James defeated Jess E. James by submission with a SharpShooter after King Rob Love hit Jesse E. James in the leg with a kendo stick while the referee was distracted.

Angel Camacho (with Nastico) pinned David Kidd after a big splash and interference from Nastico. Kidd made this match as an Open Challenge and regretted it. 

RCW International Champion Ryan Davidson (with Sheeva) pinned Mysterious Q with the Davidson Driver. 

Studstache (with King Rob Love) pinned Paul Titan when Love hit Titan in the back with the kendo stick as the referee had his back turned by getting Studstache's brass knuckles out of the ring. Love continued to hit Titan with the kendo stick but Jesse E. James made the save with a kendo stick of his own. Titan recovered and grabbed the kendo stick away from Love. 

Madi Wrenkowski pinned Zakai Living after the Reality Check axe kick. Delilah Doom was supposed to be the original opponent of Wrenkowski's but she's out of action with an injury. 

Edge Stone and Jay Alexander defeated RCW Tag Team Champions Casey Blackrose and Branden Vice (with Logan Pettis and Pink) to win the titles by pinning Blackrose after a double team finisher. It was another situation of Pettis turning on someone along with a heel referee working for him. Pink pulled Vice out of the ring before the finish. Blackrose and Vice beat up the referee after the match. 

Chris Marval (with J-Wave) pinned Devin Carter after a back stabber when the theme music of The Texas Treats played to distract Carter. Don Juan and Diego did come out to celebrate with Marval after the match and they all attacked Carter. JP Harlow. Joey Hyder, and Zakai Living ran out and made the save.

RCW Women's Champion Ki Vibez pinned Gia Michel after a full nelson forward leg sweep. 

The main event is now a No Disqualification Match. RCW Champion Kaun pinned Chase Owens after the vaimbi finisher.