Santino Brothers Wrestling “Fight Night VIII” 5/18/23 Results


Santino Brothers Wrestling “Fight Night VIII” results from Azusa, California, USA 🇺🇸 @ the sold out VFW on Thursday, May 18, 2023 live and free on YouTube:

The announcers mentioned the passing of "Superstar" Billy Graham. The Santino Brothers Wrestling social media accounts showed a picture of Graham wearing a SBW school t-shirt and a picture of him with the SBW owners and trainers. He died yesterday from numerous serious health issues. The legendary former WWWF Heavyweight Champion had chronic health issues and injuries going back to the 1980s but he always managed to bounce back and continued to wrestle until 1988.

Red Williams pinned Chris Nastyy after a choke slam he calls The Dead Man's Drop. Ray Rosas came out with Savannah Stone and Eddie Roar to congratulate Williams on the win. He said they will take over SBW by weeding everyone else out starting with Delilah Doom. They call their stable The Garden. Doom ran out to the ring and they immediately attacked her. Williams gave her the diving stomp to her arm as Roar and Rosas held her in place in the ring. That move was how they broke Eli Everfly's arm on the last show. Doom was scheduled to defend the SBW Inner City Title later in this show against Savannah Stone. She was helped out of the ring by Richie Coy and El Primohenio Trebeca. The cameras showed her getting escorted out of the building to go to the ER. 

Darwin Finch and Alec Tomas defeated Thad Maximus and James Brady when Finch pinned Maximus after a double team finisher.

Tyler Bateman pinned Kidd Bandit after a Tombstone Piledriver. Bandit went flying off the ropes in a high risk attempt but Bateman caught her and turned the momentum right in position for the Tombstone. 

The ring announcer said Delilah Doom is at the hospital and not medically cleared to wrestle tonight. Savannah Stone will still have to compete next.

Richie Coy and El Primohenio Trebeca defeated Savannah Stone and Eddie Roar (with Red Williams) when Trebeca pinned Roar after Roar accidentally spear Stone off of the ring which sent her crashing down to the floor. 

June 22 is the next show back here at the venue.

Ray Rosas pinned Koto Hiro after a diving elbow drop. The finish came when Hiro was about to win after giving Rosas a brain buster but the rest of The Garden pulled referee Scarlette Donovan out of the ring to stop the count. Donovan argued with them down on the floor. While she was distracted Red Williams ran in the ring and hit Hiro with a kendo stick from behind to help Rosas set up for the win. After the match, Rosas had Williams and Roar hold Hiro in the ring as Savannah Stone gloated. Rosas offered for Hiro to join The Garden or else they would break his arm. He said Hiro would have to be unmasked before he made the decision. He tried to unmask him but Delilah Doom returned from the ER and made the save with a hammer as weapon to fight off The Garden. She got on the mic and told Rosas that he didn't break her spirit. She said she would give him a rematch for the Inner City Title at the big LA Rumble show on July 29 but the rest of The Garden will have to be barred from ringside to make it fair. 

SBW Champion Che Cabrera (with Damien Arsenick) pinned Lucas Riley (with Dom Kubrick) clean after his finisher. Kubrick chased Arsenick to the back before the end so he couldn't interfered. Arsenick came back out after the match to brag about the win. He called out Slice Boogie who was doing color commentary. Boogie left the broadcast table again and confronted Arsenick in the ring. Boogie congratulated Cabrera on winning without any help. He said Cabrera should get rid of Arsenick so they can have a match for the title without any interference on July 29. Arsenick took offense and taunted Boogie. Boogie punched Arsenick out of the ring so he could talk man to man to Cabrera about the title match. Cabrera said Boogie has had injuries and is only about 85% while he is at the top of his game. He acted respectful to Boogie and shook his hand and accepted the match. It was a swerve. Boogie turned his back and Cabrera hit him from behind with the title belt. Arsenick rejoined Cabrera in the ring to gloat. Arsenick got on the broadcast headset and told viewers that Cabrera will walk in and walk out as champion on July 29.