About Us

This site is dedicated to the memory of Michigan pro wrestling insider hotline host/creator “Coach” Kurt Schneider. His work was an inspiration to us with his “just the facts” style of reporting news and results.

Wrestling... With Demons covers professional wrestling news from around the world with a featured focus on women’s pro wrestling. Everything that is on the site is either first-hand coverage or from trusted correspondents around the world. We do not "copy and paste" any reports from other websites. If we don't see events, or get the reports of events, we won't print them from somewhere else. 

We believe that there are way too many pro wrestling websites and the majority of them are nothing but "copy and paste" from original source websites like PW Insider, Wrestling Observer, and Cagematch. We believe that this process causes what we call "information pollution." 

We don't cover weekly live WWE RAW, WWE Smackdown, AEW Dynamite, etc. because we know that all websites cover them and it would just add to more "information pollution" if we did it too. The same thing goes for WWE and AEW pay-per-views. We do get a lot of detailed WWE houseshow reports in and we will gladly post those. 

We hope to be the place where everyone wants to go to for detailed women's wrestling, indie wrestling, and international results reports as soon as shows end or as soon as we possibly can. Please note that we obviously can't cover everything with countless promotions running each week but we will cover as much as our schedule allows. 

We believe that there are too many modern day journalists who have an odd and twisted view about how pro wrestling should be covered in what they call "new media". To us "new media" seems to be a lot of ambulance chasing, pandering, agenda bias, and arguing. 

We want to be in the pro wrestling coverage business, not the advertising and shilling business. Many people who cover pro wrestling in this modern era always change the definitions of what their roles and job titles are depending on the circumstances. We hear a lot of terms like "on-air talent", "influencer", "personality", etc. We believe that these types of individuals are biased pundits and socialites who don't offer much informational value.

Our coverage standards and ethics are rooted in traditional media. We will post content as objectively as possible and let the public decide for themselves if they want to spend their time and money on the pro wrestling companies we cover.